Mask Aligner Problems - FAQ

Q. Will we be funding little Semiconductor Laboratory, want to buy a basic function of the exposure machine, you have a suitable model it?

Exposure can consider our desktop machine.

Q. Do you have no exposed simultaneously on both sides of the wafer models?

We have a double-sided exposure machine exposure, do alignment and exposure.

Q. Will I just metering gap resistive material at different exposure characteristics, there are models for it?

We have a simple exposure, there is no image registration function, it may be suitable for your application.

Q. Will I need to use the back of the wafer align key to do the alignment, there is a suitable model it?

Our double-sided exposure machine is aligned with the alignment back lens groups can be used for the back of the place.

Q. What is your semi-automatic exposure machine capacity is how much?

If your registration does not require high precision, skilled operator can finish the fastest one minute three.