2020.10.22 The company shipped out the first UV LED exposure source

The company officially shipped the first UV LED exposure source in July 2020.

2015.03.30 The Company automatic exposure machine for the 2015 Shanghai SEMICON

The Company automatic exposure machine for the 2015 Shanghai SEMICON
Date 3/17 3/19,
Display industry’s highest yield models,

2013.07.18 Dutch lithography equipment maker ASML profit increased in the second quarter

Dutch lithography equipment maker ASML second-quarter profit increase, raising the full-year revenue forecast to 50 billion euros, due to the increase in the second quarter revenue to show a profit for the quarter exceeded market expectations, semiconductor lithography equipment maker ASML also raised full-year revenue target homeopathy.

2013.06.17 The company participated in the 2013 International Optoelectronics Exhibition

The company participated in the 2013 International Optoelectronics Exhibition,

exhibition Date: 6/18 1-6 / 20

Venue: Nangang Exhibition Hall, Booth: K229,

welcome customers to visit.

2013.04.29 Applied Materials edged back ASML equipment faucet

Applied Materials (Applied Materials) in 2011, ranking the world’s semiconductor plant, gave way to Dutch lithography equipment maker supplier ASML, 2012 return to top spot again in 2012, Applied Materials 14.4% market share for the first, ASML 12.8% market share for the second, the power of tokyo Branch (tokyo Electron, TEL) 11.1% market share for the third, Lam Research Novellus Systems after the acquisition of market share of 7.4% for the fourth, 2012 the global semiconductor equipment market is shrinking, equipment spending the total amount of $ 37.8 billion, representing a decrease of 16% in 2011, in which lithography (lithography) and deposition (deposition) related to demand lower than the overall market, and the proportion of revenues from the top 10 global plants in 2008 rose to 61% 2012 70%, indicating a semiconductor plant is greater the greater the situation is quite clear.

2012.12.06 Winbond announced to spend NT $ 630 million to buy Taiwan Powerchip SCIENCE exposure

Memory manufacturer Winbond announced to spend NT $ 630 million to buy Powerchip SCIENCE Taiwan exposure machine to cope with the needs of process scaling.

2012.11.13 Lithography giant ASML Taiwan expand Components single release

Lithography giant ASML apply to the Ministry of Economy R & D subsidies, grants will be 800 million yuan, China and Asia Linkou park inaugurated the new plant will be in early 2013, will expand not only in Taiwan, the Netherlands levy only two places, but will accelerate the expansion of components Taiwan to release a single plant, including the letter states, Gudeng, sails Xuan, and other public and quasi-station plant, ASML will also carefully selected 30 top quality, adventurous character trained personnel back to the Netherlands, to be used as seed team in cooperation with TSMC.

2012.10.18 ASML upriver tied pile, sharing 18-inch risk

Semiconductor lithography equipment maker ASML After obtaining three major semiconductor customers to invest NT $ 200 billion, announced and then further upstream tied pile to 1.95 billion euros (equivalent to about NT $ 75 billion yuan) acquisition of US source supplier Cymer. ASML said the 8-inch 12-inch wafer transfer generation equipment manufacturers suffer too much pressure to make future generations must be 18 inches chain together to share the risk, EUV technology has been proved to work, but the bottleneck in the light source, ASML currently has three light source supplier, respectively U.S. Cymer, Japan Gigaphoto and Ushio, various different mining techniques, after a period of time to cooperate, ASML decided merger Cymer, and affirms its LPP (Laser produced Plasma) light source technology is expected to become the mainstream of future production, ASML noted that the current six Pre -Production of EUV machine (NXE: 3100) has shipped to TSMC, Intel, Samsung, Hynix, GlobalFoundries, IMEC, etc., and will launch mass production machine (NXE: 3300B) in 2014. at present, this machine per hour producing 18 wafers, 69 wafers can be achieved by 2014, ASML as a 18-inch wafer generation key role in obtaining the customer’s investment after three acquisitions light plant Cymer, this series of investment to the semiconductor industry chain to string together, show parties want some sort of relief for the 18-inch wafer generations.

2012.09.07 TSMC named Lei Branch combined attack 7um E-beam solution, a showdown with EUV

TSMC recently named Great American Semiconductor Equipment Business lei (KLA-Tencor) electron beam (E-beam) partners technically one of the devices, in addition to Mapper Lithography and IMS. 7 nm process in the future have the opportunity to pole ultraviolet (EUV) machine for the competition. for 10nm process, TSMC will EUV and Double Patterning with the use of machines in 7nm process, TSMC will make a choice in the EUV and E-beam machine machine table.

2012.08.05 TSMC announced to join the semiconductor plant ASML Holding (ASML) Customer joint investment projects

TSMC announced to join the semiconductor plant ASML Holding (ASML) Customer joint investment projects to accelerate the extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography technology and 18-inch wafer lithography equipment development and production. To allow the smooth development of key lithography, ASML Netherlands semiconductor plant in July 9 announced the launching of joint investment projects customers, invite Intel (Intel), TSMC and Samsung (Samsung) 3 manufacturers to participate. Intel first to decide to participate ASML customers joint investment projects, TSMC after nearly a month assessment, announced it has joined ASML customers joint investment projects; Under the agreement, TSMC will invest up to 838 million euros ASML achieved about 5% stake in ASML, the next five years and invest 276 million euros to support ASML’s research and development program.