Power Supply Problems - FAQ

Q. 2KW power supply will be a loud sound when you press the shock button lighting, whether it is normal?

2KW high pressure mercury lamp is a co-xenon lamp, 2 to 3 million volts of high pressure lamps, high-voltage power supply of this process will produce a loud sound of electric shock is normal.

Q. Turn the power supply power, can not be lighted display switching voltage, there is no voltage, what is there fault?

Yet before lighting voltage display should have more than 100V voltage value, if there is no voltage, temperature protection switch may be behind the line not connected, or the power supply itself is faulty.

Q. Exposure source uses approximately one hour, will be self-extinguishing, what is there fault?

Exposure source light boxes inside temperature protection switch, in order to prevent overheating of the lamp explosion, bad box if the heat, the temperature reaches the temperature protection switch settings, power supply will trip.

Q. After exposure source lighting, power supply voltage and current values displayed in the changing power value is also low, normal?

After mercury lighting, just because the light bulb, the temperature is still low, failed to volatilize into gaseous mercury, a conductive medium is still the main value of the internal gas, mercury volatilization during the transition period before the voltage and current will continue to change.

Q. After exposure source lighting, power supply display power value has been low for a long time still can not reach the set value, what is there fault?

After mercury lamps, light bulbs need to be increase in temperature, the mercury has evaporated into a gaseous state, the power to reach the set value, if the wind speed is too strong heat caused by the lamp does not heat up, the power can not be increased, the intensity of the beam will be very weak.

Q. Will my high-pressure mercury lamp power supply problem, but it is not your product, you can help me repair it?

We can help repair, to charge maintenance fees.

Q. High pressure mercury lamp power supply maintenance needs to ask how long?

To about one week to repair.