Alignment Problems - FAQ

Q. How to mask need fixing?

Mask vacuum adsorbed on the sucker, sucker downdraft first hand holding the mask from below the bottom of the suction cup attached to the mask, positioned against the side of the small screws, and then turn on the vacuum suction on the first suction cup the mask is placed on the chuck, positioned against the side of the small screws, and then turn on the vacuum.

Q. Alignment sets the mask chuck under the hood, the chuck will hear a voice, normal?

To mask the substrate by vacuum adsorption, chuck around the diaphragm will be sealed in the para position when they need to break the vacuum blowing, mask and the substrate in order to prevent the vacuum created by the diaphragm and impede bonding of bits, when the diaphragm will vibrate while blowing sound, adjust the volume to reduce the size of the blow.

Q. When the mask and the wafer by vacuum absorption, adsorption to find bad eye view, the value of the vacuum gauge is also smaller than normal, there is no concave diaphragm vacuum, what is required to deal with?

Check vacuum diaphragm for cracks and need to be replaced, if the vacuum diaphragm is also well placed properly, can then try to adjust the vacuum adsorption, if the situation did not improve, it may be blocking the pipeline, to be demolished pipeline cleaning.

Q. Alignment station alignment adjustment, three-axis rotation of the adjustment order is around, how?

Usually around the first adjustment and rotation, transferred nearly parallel groups aign key, then hands back and forth to adjust the left and right, constantly repeat to adjust both groups alig key to positioning.

Q. Placing the wafer to use what tools?

Wafer placement available flat mouth forceps wafer edge, if the line of particulate tolerate relatively high process can even upload glove hand pick and place wafers.

Q. When the vacuum suction sucker fixed reticle mask will leak sound, how to troubleshoot?

Sucker vacuum adsorption fixed reticle mask, be smooth between the two can not exist in order to have a well-fixed fine particles, to use a solvent to clean the two, if there are leaks, use steel and other gadgets including a chuck surface of the light Kuochu adhesive residue, and then put the two solvent cleaning.