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Our company was established in 2006 as a small manufacturer of equipment, specializing in semiconductor lithography mask alignment of development and manufacturing of the exposure and the exposure source, the light box from the optical exposure within the design to complete various types of exposure the company after years of efforts have been developed entirely completed and shipped many customers at home and abroad, deep acclaim.

  • Mask aligner

    High yield automatic exposure machine, alignment process can produce 250 or more per hour, no registration process can produce 350 or more per hour, the wafer transfer automatic machines for the automatic input and output, the output of the industry’s highest , twice the other brands models.

  • Exposure source

    Optional light intensity flyback type power supply to the light intensity inside the box detectors do feedback control signal, the light intensity output enables long-time stable, uniform beam generated by the array of lenses, making pattern transfer can effectively reduce the exposure light diffraction.

  • Mercury lamp power supply

    Digital display panel output power and voltage and current values, internal electromagnetic contactor do overload protection, rear connectors output power box fan, light boxes and overtemperature protection interlock circuit, good operating performance, good stability, high durability, the most suitable production line.

  • Components

    There is no content, do not know what to write, you just write it to occupy layout. But in many ways, when we catch the Bund sidewalk, formal dance, eventually everybody will applaud, I built this company, Cool !!

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FAQ More
After exposure source lighting, power supply voltage and current values displayed in the changing power value is also low, normal?

After mercury lighting, just because the light bulb, the temperature is still low, failed to volatilize into gaseous mercury, a conductive medium is still the main value of the internal gas, mercury volatilization during the transition period before the voltage and current will continue to change.

May I ask why you want to install the mercury bulb installed radiator?

Elliptical mercury lamp is located within the territory of the electrode is surrounded by an elliptical mirror, poor heat dissipation, the need to install the heat sink to enhance heat dissipation.

Will your machine’s production time how long?

Usually a single machine manually after 2 to 3 months, automatic machine is usually on order of 5 to 6 months.

When the vacuum suction sucker fixed reticle mask will leak sound, how to troubleshoot?

Sucker vacuum adsorption fixed reticle mask, be smooth between the two can not exist in order to have a well-fixed fine particles, to use a solvent to clean the two, if there are leaks, use steel and other gadgets including a chuck surface of the light Kuochu adhesive residue, and then put the two solvent cleaning.

After my exposure light source lighting intensity has been low, waiting near an hour are not improved, what is the problem?

Probably because the bulb temperature has been too cold, the mercury inside can not evaporate, check the cooling fan or ventilation pipe, reduce wind speed cooling boxes, so the bulb can heat up.

Do you have no exposed simultaneously on both sides of the wafer models?

We have a double-sided exposure machine exposure, do alignment and exposure.