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The company was established in 2006 as a small manufacturer of equipment, specializing in semiconductor lithography mask alignment of development and manufacturing of the exposure and the exposure source, the light box from the optical exposure within the design to complete various types of exposure the company after years of efforts have been developed entirely completed and shipped many customers at home and abroad.

Important note

  • August 2006 The company was established
  • November 2006the first ship full manual exposure machine
  • April 2007 the first shipments exposure source 500W
  • June 2007 the first shipment sided aligner machine
  • August 2007 the first shipment 1000W exposure source
  • August 2007 the first shipment simple exposure
  • February 2008 the first shipment 1000W xenon lamp solar simulator light source
  • May 2008 the first shipment Desktop Exposure
  • October 2008 the first shipment Exposure Double Exposure
  • September 2009 the first shipment 5KW exposure source
  • October 2009 the first direct shipping exposure to Philippines
  • June 2010 the Company participated in the 19th International Optoelectronics Exhibition
  • August 2010 shipments of the first fully automatic exposure machine
  • June 2011 the Company participated in the 20th International Optoelectronics Exhibition
  • June 2011 the first shipment 2KW exposure source
  • September 2011 the first fully automated high-volume shipments exposure machine
  • June 2012 the first shipment of 50 homemade exposure source
  • June 2012 the Company participated in the 21th International Optoelectronics Exhibition
  • February 2013 The first ship 24-inch x24-inch large-area UV source parallel light exposure
  • June 2013 the Company participated in the 22nd International Optoelectronics Exhibition
  • June 2013 the first shipment of 50 homemade exposure
  • August 2014 the first direct shipping to the mainland exposure machine (Xi’an)
  • March 2015 the company high yield automatic exposure machine on display at the 2015 Shanghai SEMICON
  • August 2015 shipments of 100 units homemade exposure source and made the first 70 exposure