Image Problems - FAQ

Q. Would using two benefits that the alignment of the lens?

Use align the lens can also see the two left and right align key, to adjust the position more quickly.

Q. When will a suitable alignment of the lens?

Fragments do wafer alignment, the two lenses because spacing restrictions, can not see the left and right images simultaneously, using a suitable lens, moving left and right to adjust the alignment of the lens to watch the situation, it can be used in conjunction with a quick scan station bit rate speed up.

Q. My quick scan station can not be good lock cylinder to move the lens holder when the lens position will shift about, what is there fault?

Taiwan should be a quick scan of the interior can not really lock the clamping cylinder, check the air pressure is low on, whether there is leakage, there may be a clamping cylinder rubber aging needs to be replaced.

Q. How to adjust the lens magnification should fit?

Adjust the magnification of the image so that align key accounting screen 1/4 to 1/2 size to readily find align key premise of maximizing the rate to increase resolution.

Q. I want to increase the lens magnification transfer large image resolution, but the image mask and the substrate can not at the same time clear, is there any way?

Increase the depth of field image magnification image becomes small, a small adjustment to align gap to get a clear image of the mask and the substrate, but be careful to avoid align gap is too small to cause friction between the two contacts.

Q. Would using coaxial lighting timing of each of the annular lighting Why?

Coaxial lighting suitable for high reflectivity metal of align key, the imaging system of lighting bright field, better image quality, align key ring lighting suitable for the construction of a high degree of difference is the lighting of dark field imaging system , image quality is usually poor.